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Safety Medical - Metformin and weight loss

Metformin and weight loss, Well, there is a little more than a month I went down to 1 tablet Metformin slow and I must say I am very surprised by the out come so far.metformin for pcos and weight loss  My readings are between 4 and at some point a little lower fasting and I'm more than 5.6 after a meal.Metformin and weight loss  Most of the time my readings are in the 4 they need to do something good.metformin for weight loss.

I'll be honest and say that I was very nervous about going to a tablet in the evening after my meal and I was a little panicked at first thinking. Metformin and weight loss what am I doing? Would you really do that? Is it really worth trying to cut my medication (even with my doctors are below) and I'm wrong? but he thinks that the devil that is the worst that could happen? metformin for pcos and weight loss.

Inevitably, I would metformin Feb.metformin for pcos and weight loss  1 after a meal and will stay in this until the dreaded "T2" progressed. But this has not been the case thank God.Metformin and weight loss If anything my numbers are much better and I feel better in myself and not so dizzy all the time, because I had many victims of metformin and it is not supposed to happen.metformin for weight loss.

what is Metformin and weight loss?

 So after a lot of if's and but I did,metformin for pcos and weight loss  and as I said, I feel good and my numbers are doing very well. I walked like crazy and enjoy the cooler weather, for me it is one can go outside because the weather is spectacular right now. From today I will try to walk twice a day, even if it's only for 30 minutes to an hour at least, it's something and keeps me motivated to improve my "T2" Metformin and weight loss.

Metformin and weight loss that really.

metformin for pcos and weight loss At this point,Metformin and weight loss I can honestly say I think I'm going to win this battle not only type 2 diabetes but also my emotion and KG last batch of slow in coming because for three months refused to move and scale j 'was so depressed and struggling with myself wondering how on earth was going to lose the last 5 kg but really in the scheme of things was only a minor setback, but I was down. metformin for weight loss.

Metformin and weight loss The type that goes with my weight for up to 65 kg in the coming months. If I lose,metformin for pcos and weight loss  I will never sing from the rooftops that I did not expect to get up to 65 kg. I told my doctor that I was trying to cheat and there would be no chance of fat that will never happen. That's not bad considering last April, it was 105 kilograms.

When I get to that weight I lost 40 kg. For me it is a great success. It's almost half my weight. My mind is disturbed with the idea and how the hell could I have a lot of weight. Metformin and weight loss I knew I had to lose a little, Metformin and weight loss  but the scales have told me different.metformin for pcos and weight loss.

metformin for pcos and weight loss I should add that I had a lot of help along the way,Metformin and weight loss  my son, who at the moment is very patient himself (the time made significant tests) was nothing wonderful to have been there for put things into perspective for me when I made a gift of my weight and BG,metformin for pcos and weight loss  sometimes it so frustrated with me and say "stop and think about where you're mom" and I can see and hear the frustration on his face. Frustration is, of course, his love for me and is proud of his mother.Metformin and weight loss.

DO you know Metformin and weight loss?

Metformin and weight loss  My other member of the immediate family are also very proud of what I did, my daughter made the point here not so long that I have not seen such a sexy skinny mother and I cracked. Father,metformin for pcos and weight loss  I know are very proud,Metformin and weight loss  so that you can see in the eyes of my mother and father and a mother and told me that I have to go into your closet and choose what you want from it ... I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I think the clothes of the mother is great in my little LOL. I am very blessed and I love them!.metformin for weight loss.

So there is my update for the month and where I'm heading and I must say I can not wait to upgrade next month in how I progressed. I hope I'm at my ideal weight. Just maybe the next month with a bit of luck I'll be off drugs, please cross your fingers for me.Metformin and weight loss.

Metformin and weight loss They say that metformin is good for weight loss, but in my experience with this drug made ​​no difference. It is because of my hard work of eating the right foods and exercise. Some Metformin can help you lose weight,Metformin and weight loss  but I did not say in my case for me.

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