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Skin Problems - Acne

The skin is one of the most vulnerable organs of the human body. As it is exposed to external agents of nature, likely to be affected are very high. The porous nature of the skin making it susceptible to acne .

 Pollution causes havoc on the skin. It is mainly responsible for the appearance of acne . 

 Acne is one of the repeated instances , which tends to affect the appearance of the skin and brightness. Oil or sebum produced by the follicles in the skin are trapped in the surface of the skin . This causes bacterial growth in these areas , causing a variety of skin acnes .

Types acnes

Acnes are of two types - inflammatory and non-inflammatory .

• acnes occur with inflammatory acnes black or white removal . Releasing fluid within leads to inflammation . This type of acnes , a longer period of time to be healed. We suggest that you do not hurt white and white and prevent its removal .

 This is because ecstasy leads to inflammation . Certain inflammatory acne are produced - papule, pustule , cyst, nodule and . The severity of acne inflammatory depends on the type and extent of fluid inside of acne.

• non-inflammatory acnes are relatively less serious than the previous variety. These heal after some time. Pimples and blackheads are two types of non -inflammatory acnes. It is they who are converted in the inflammatory be broken or damaged, as already mentioned before .

Causes of acne

There are several possible causes acnes.

• misbalances hormonal problems and are mainly responsible for causing acne. Acne is usually found in adolescents, such as increasing the secretion of hormone during this age .

 Increase of acne is associated with increased androgen level in male hormone .

• Stress is another major cause .

• reasons that dietary fats are also the cause of acne

• Inflammation in any body part as acnes physiological response also leads to a large number of cases.

treat acnes

There are several types of treatments that can be prescribed to patients who suffer from acne.

• Accutane is an effective drug for acne. However , there are serious side effects that make it an excellent choice.

• Women can take hormone therapy in the form of oral contraceptives and get relief from acne.

• Benzoyl peroxide is another popular option , which has limited efficacy in the treatment of acne.

Acne is a very common skin problem and should not be taken lightly . With proper treatment , balanced diet can be cured.

Acne has troubled many people to this day, and can occur due to hormonal changes, stress , psychological problems and food reactions. Click this link for the procedures available to treat this problem, you can also find many useful resources elsewhere on the Internet if you are deeply concerned about the problem of the skin.

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