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Stress and Acne: Some Frequently Asked Questions

Interestingly , age is not a matter of judging whether it can be beaten by acne or no factor . In large part, it is their stress levels which determine . Studies have shown that nearly ninety percent of people under stress have acne.

But acne and stress are highly correlated ? For years , dermatologists around the world discussed the possible relationship between acne and stress. However, researchers have confirmed that stress can intensify acne.

Here are some frequently asked questions about acne and stress issues.

Q1) How active acne?

The hormonal imbalance in the body which is caused by environmental changes leading to acne. Each time the skin makes the dead cells , it can stick to the skin due to the bacteria that cause acne or oil . This is a type of inflammation of the skin that can affect most of the region , if it is neglected .

Q2) What is the stress does to my body system ?

Stress or anxiety increases the supply of adrenaline hormone in the blood cells . It leads to the secretion of " cortisol " in large quantities to change the hormonal balance in your body. Supply increased adrenaline reduces the ability to absorb nutrients from the body and attack the skin directly .

Q3 ) Do I blame stress for acne ?

Studies have shown that stress leads to variations in the production of the hormone. The National Institutes of Health (NIH ) , USA Stress has been identified as one of the reasons for acne.

Physical influence : stress or anxiety triggers sebum production containing CRH in the human nervous system, which is the main cause of hair loss , oily skin and clogged pores , resulting in acne low .

Psychological influence. The stress leads to a decreased immunity of the human organism by 40 percent and therefore psychological influence is one of the main causes of acne . 

 Therefore , the stress causes a double improved diseases in the human body skin .

Q4) How do I treat acne ?

• Always use antibacterial solutions to clean your skin. ( Preferred are those with benzoyl 

peroxide . )• Drink plenty of water, it purifies the blood , so it is free of toxic.• Never tighten / compression because it leads to permanent skin damage .• Always use clean to clean your skin and avoid using them again scarves.

Note: It is always advisable to consult a dermatologist before using any cosmetic products available in the markets .

Q5) Can I prevent acne caused by stress or anxiety ?Yes, you can prevent acne caused by stress or anxiety by controlling your stress level . Yoga, meditation or a balanced diet can be good stress busters , keep the mind relaxed and provides strength to your body. Also, avoid stressors that cause in your life and ensure uninterrupted sleep seven to eight hours a day will also help.

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