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is jogging good for weight loss?

is jogging good for weight loss? Driving on a road a beautiful weekend morning, and you're likely to see more runners than landscape. You can be jealous of practice and how energetic look, and maybe even a hint of shame when you look down the box of donuts in the seat next to him was his reason for being on this beautiful morning.

But are your feelings of jealousy and shame justified? is jogging good for weight loss?  If you are there at the cold end of the school along chassis lose a few pounds and get in shape?

After careful analysis, we think you'll agree that the answer is NO, it should not be you. Why?

Because running is bad for weight loss and fitness.

is jogging good for weight loss? So you really should be looking for ways to lose weight and become more fit, millions of people are doing more harm than good run choose as a form of exercise. Can millions of people a mistake? Well, here's a donut, read and decide for yourself.


Ok, let's be clear who and what we are in discussion with some definitions:

Books - a person who performs one workout than an hour at a speed of 5 miles per hour (12 minutes per mile). Since many riders are faster than this jogging good for weight loss?  Also talk of "runners" who retain eight miles per hour (rate of 8 minutes per mile). These definitions are provided by Mayo Clinic Weight Loss Site.

WEIGHT LOSS - Weight loss on the scale or your clothes feel looser. Sorry, buy new clothes, bigger does not qualify under this definition (very good if you want to, right?).

is jogging good for weight loss? FITNESS - There are several ways to define fitness. We chose one I hope the questions most people: the director of a person measured by its ability to successfully execute a variety of functional tasks physical health.

Caloric deficit

It is likely that the calories you burn outeat while jogging or running

According to the Mayo Clinic, a 160-pound person who jogs for an hour burns 584 calories. A £ 160 runner ramps calories burned in one hour at 986. If you weigh more you burn more calories if you weigh less than you burn less. Many people do jogging for an hour per session, but we want the riders a chance to succeed here, pretend everything they do.

For our jogger to lose weight as a direct result of this exercise, you should ensure that you eat more calories than you burn 584-986 only. This is called "calorie deficit" and is probably the weight loss the most widely accepted and proven.

How realistic is this? Not much. One hour of any exercise tends to create a serious appetite to a later time that day (which would be the worst time to eat along the way), not to mention the sense of "right" just one session well done training. Thus, most riders (hereinafter when I say brokers including "runners" unless otherwise indicated) go out for a meal to celebrate their efforts. A calorie food which is much higher than what they ate, if trot.

But is it really a good meal for jogging or running a net loss of losing weight? Energy to eat well before the race bar has 230 calories, that bagel with cheese "shear" cream you eat with your group of riders after the race has 400 calories or more, as well as some decent sized pepperoni pizza you've surely won. If you decide to pass on dessert because jogged today, any decent surely add more than 500 calories. We will not mention the additional torque beers or glasses of wine ... oops, I think I did it!

So it's a safe bet that even the runners runners add enough calories to your diet in the days exercise outlet what they just burned, which at best will be a balance, and often create a net caloric (such as weight) GAIN.

But do not stop there. is jogging good for weight loss?  What happens in those days JOG? How many people are really disciplined to reduce its power, and it does not burn calories? The more often you hear "I'll take a day off tomorrow," as they head to a second over pasta. So, now the increase in calories caused by jogging on workout days leads to more calories on non-workout days, which increases weight gain.

We believe this is the way people manage their supply PLUS, which means that most runners gain is jogging good for weight loss? weight because of their efforts to jog.

To be fair,is jogging good for weight loss?  there is a small group of people who manage their calories more efficiently mentioned above - we have a name for these people - "Club 2%" 2% of people who successfully maintain a diet low calories.

is jogging good for weight loss?  While club members 2% can create a calorie deficit in current, is not yet a large deficit, and especially 2% Lubbers do not need to run to lose weight because dieting with Success!

muscle catabolism

You will actually lose muscle while jogging, especially since jogging does not involve the upper body jogging good for weight loss?

A "catabolic state," the state in which your body burns protein to your nutritional needs. A catabolic state is one that should be avoided,is jogging good for weight loss?  because it means that you will burn muscle for energy in your exercise efforts. However , runners and riders put their bodies in this state every time they leave.

is jogging good for weight loss? When you use the muscles of the active leg gives them a reason to grow. This is good, but to run an hour your body needs to find activities, low energy intensity as the race for an hour will go to the energy of all possible sources, including fat and muscle .

Here's a simple question: What jogging to get your upper body? The answer is simple: jogging good for weight loss?  So with that you want to burn fat, your body burns muscle as part of your energy for you to do your jogging workouts.

And where is the most likely "catabolic" this muscle? Since the upper body which is not used and is not jogging good for weight loss?

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