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How Treating Your Acne With Coconut Oil Will Bring Out Your Beauty With Moisturizing Bonus

It seems an oxymoron, using an oil to clear acne. This is not just any oil. Coconut oil has many beneficial properties. One being antibacterial. It absorbs into the skin, cleansing and moisturizing simultaneously. Cleansed pores are clean pores. The result is beautiful clear skin.
Being challenged with thinning hair and a pale complexion, my friend was hesitant to use coconut oil on his skin. Skin cancer had invaded his skin, keeping him from the health benefits of the sun.
His initial fear was "I might grow pimples". He began using it on his face and balding head.
The results were amazing! Not only did he not grow pimples. His skin is healthier and brighter. He has color now as if the oil circulated the blood to the surface. His wrinkles have softened. The minor ones have diminished. His head is also very healthy looking.
His technique truly amazed me. Every evening, he applies the oil like you would any lotion. Upon awakening, he simply splashes warm water on his face to rinse and wake up. That's it!
Yes, I have now adopted his technique.
How quickly will this oil clear my skin?
This varies according to the severity of the acne. Your overall diet and environmental factors.
Severe case that are genetic will take longer and using a radical approach. When possible, cover your face with the oil, using a generous amount but not dripping, using a hot cloth (not scalding, you dont want to burn yourself) lay back and let the oil penetrate deeply. It may be more convenient to have a few hot cloths near you. When the one cools down, change to a fresh hot cloth. Do this for 10 -15 minutes.
When finished, rinse with warm water and dry. It your skin feels good, leave it as is. You can apply a thin layer of the oil as you go about your day.
Do this treatment 3 times a week and measure your results.
For the occasional blemish to random mild outbreaks, you should have results within a few days. Just apply before bed and rinse in the morning. If a pimple begins to erupt, spot treat with the coconut oil. You may need to do this a few times.
How is your diet?
What we consume, inevitably shows in our appearance. From weight gain/loss to skin rashes and eruptions. The beauty of it, most of it is in your control. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables(organic when possible). Lean organic meat and poultry.
Eliminate all processed foods. These contain many preservatives and artificial ingredients that are not healthy.
Your lifestyle overall plays a role in skin health. Smoking, dusty and greasy working environments can cause havoc on our skin. The particles floating around embed into our skin bringing unsightly acne and blemishes.
The only possible side effect reported is a slight tingling sensation. This is from the friend mentioned above.
Remember, what goes in, must come out. This often show in our skin.

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